• TwoTailedFox

    Hello! My name is Stuart, also known as TwoTailedFox, and I am a member of Vanguard, Wikia's community outreach and future-proofing task force. I'm here today to talk to you about Portable Infoboxes, and why it is now a good idea to have more than one on your Wiki.

    Portable Infoboxes allow us to display information across a wider range of devices than the current Wikitext-based system currently allows, but they grant us several other features:

    • The appearance of these Infoboxes is standardised, as the CSS is stored in a protected location, and is no longer a concern when building an Infobox from scratch; the theme and appearance of these Infoboxes won't change. This means that, when creating your Infoboxes, you no longer need to duplicate and…

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