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  • Bio I've been gaming since playing Crash Bandicoot: Warped at 6 years old, and my favorite game of all time is now Metal Gear Solid 3, while my favorite series is Final Fantasy. I've also been wiki-ing since a long time, so you'll find me writing and coding throughout the site.
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  • Technobliterator

    Hey, folks! I’m your friendly neighborhood Vanguard guy, Technobliterator, here to talk about how to make your Portable Infoboxes better.

    The goal of Infoboxes is to convey summarized data on an article in a way that is easy for readers to consume and interpret. This may be four to five facts about the subject, but it can often include dozens of statistics and pieces of information. In instances where infoboxes are fairly long, it may be much more desirable to group parts of information together and organize it separately, to allow readers to more quickly search through it to find what they want.

    Whether an infobox is just a short list of facts, or a slightly longer list of data, it often becomes clear when data should be split in an infobox…

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  • Technobliterator

    Hey, I’m Technobliterator from Vanguard. Today I’m here to talk about why convenient access to information is important for games.

    When playing a game, there’s often a very strong desire to have a guide available for that game, or to be able to quickly look up a fact that’s needed. Whether it’s a strategy for a boss battle, the cost of a rare item, or the unlock conditions for an achievement, it’s likely that anyone playing will want to find out facts immediately rather than having to memorize it. As the technology on which people play games advances rapidly, so too has the technology to look up these facts that people will need on the fly.

    This is why portability is so important. Wikis have proven to be a fantastic resource for many gamers …

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  • Technobliterator

    Hey! I'm Technobliterator from Vanguard, here with another topic on how to make your Portable Infoboxes better.

    When you're making an article as a wiki editor, naturally your aim is to list all the available and relevant information about the subject. But an equally important aim is to display that information on pages in a way that's convenient and elegant for readers, whether they're just passing by to quickly check a stat value, or whether they want an in-depth description. Infoboxes are an excellent way of conveying information to readers immediately, but they're by no means the be-all end-all.

    Infoboxes are useful for displaying quick facts, whether they’re for users who just want to check when Rey was born, or if they want to know wher…

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