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  • I live in Poznan, Poland
  • My occupation is Director of Engineering at Wikia
  • TOR

    As we recommended in the Portability Checklist, it's best to avoid inline styles on your pages in consideration of users who look at your articles via mobile devices. This is a more in-depth explanation of why inline styles create portability issues.

    Inline styles are the bits of CSS code that are put directly in the page (or template) content. You can spot them by looking for in wikitext) used to represent quotes or dialog. A device trying to interpret what kind of content this is won't recognize a quote as a quote, and won't realize that the table is supposed to be an infobox. This can result in incorrectly displayed pages. And these are just a few examples - there are many other ways to hide the true nature of a part of your page with C…

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