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  • Speedit

    Hey! I'm Speedit from the Vanguard team, here to tackle the topic of infobox theming.

    infobox on Nukapedia is the main element to the article lede. It's noticeable because it's large and colourful.|thumb|right|200px|link=w:c:fallout:Fallout 4]] Infoboxes are a fundamental, high-profile element of most wiki articles that gathers key facts on the article’s subject. A well-designed infobox will set the bar for an attractive article, so pay the layout good attention to make sure it ticks that box!

    There are two ways to customize the appearance of Portable Infoboxes - CSS theming and accent styling. The design of the Portable Infobox product makes one fundamental change. Any markup added to change the presentation is split from the content.

    This means…

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  • Speedit

    The majority of Wikia wikis have strong character coverage. This is well shown by the prominent character portals with colorful little cards going to the popular or prominent characters or content of the wiki's subject. These character portals are usually done using a template many are familiar with despite its broken status in the mobile view. This makes the content inaccessible to half the wiki's readership who may not see the content or any content at all because it lacks portability. Why is the code flawed and how could it be done better so that it works for mobile readers too?

    This is (but not for long, hopefully) done usually using customised yet minimal variations of a table-based template commonly known as . This template has multipl…

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