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  • I live in NL
  • I am a tab hoarder
  • Bio I'm an administrator of The Elder Scrolls Wiki, a Wikia helper, a member of Voldev and the operator of a bot named KINMUNE.
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  • Flightmare

    Hello! My name is Flightmare and I'm not a member of Vanguard. I'm here to talk to you about some tricks that can make your infoboxes represent (dynamic) data in an alternate format. A nice feature of Portable Infoboxes is the ease of switching lay-out to horizontal mode to make a boring streak of numerical values a bit more interesting. But more so: "A picture is worth a thousand words", and perhaps it is worth a thousand data entries too.

    I have been experimenting with charts in infoboxes, inspired by the stat representations of Pokémon X & Y, my results are included in the sections below.

    Inspired by Pokémon, I first used this chart in a Pokémon infobox. Not long after, I started using this in more infoboxes such as this Fire Emblem infobo…

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