"Hear ye, hear ye..." is a call that historically announced meetings in America's Town Halls. These days, such a herald is often an electronic one.


At 2pm (US Eastern, 6pm UTC) on Saturday, March 25th, Fandom cordially invites all users to attend a very special "town hall" gathering of our own. "CSS: a Fandom Town Hall" is an event meant to educate, to inspire, and for us to listen and hear from you.

Crowd inside West Hartford Town Hall

Three presentations are scheduled for this two-hour CSS festival, each followed by a session for questions and answers.

These presentations are geared towards editors who are novice to moderate at styling communities, but will have some insights for more advanced users, too. The presentations (videos, slides, and other documents) will be available afterwards, so if you miss the live event, you can catch up later.

Finally, the event will conclude with an Ask-Me-Anything-style round-table, where the presenters and special guests will answer your CSS-related questions. If you want to know about the future of CSS, features, and elements, this is one event you shouldn't miss. (If you can't attend live, post questions as comments here, and we'll try to include the best of them, time permitting, in the recorded broadcast.)

There are three ways to tune in:

Use the link or event code jj03613 to access the event. Viewers are encouraged to test the setup ahead of time.

All in all, CSS is a hot topic that most communities should know about for their core audiences; the more accessible your content is, the more it can be seen and heard by a global world. We hope you'll join us for this special event!

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(Photo credit: Sage Ross, CC BY-SA 2.0)