In an effort to build a gallery of Themes to inspire Portable elements, Portability Hub is launching a contest: build Themes based on your favorite or most iconic films! We have a few films already in mind that we're working on (and will post some examples for), but we want to see what you're cooking up. Winners get special recognition badges and will have their creations featured in our Themes gallery.

We intend to have at least two categories of awards for this particular contest: mockups (submitted images of your great designs drawn as infoboxes) and fully realized designs (functional CSS and any image files required for texture, etc.). Who knows, the winning mockups may even get design help to bring their creations to life! ☺ You'll also have plenty of time for this first drive: submissions will be open until March 31, 2016. Follow this thread for changes and any surprises along the way, and feel free to post your submissions or links to them here as well.

For fully realized designs, we allow teams consisting of a visionary and a coder. We ask that use of JavaScript in realized designs be kept to a minimum, so that we can truly highlight the functions of Portability. All web fonts should be invoked by CSS only.

We plan to have several such contests, but we wanted to kick off the first with a spectacle that everyone can enjoy and truly bring to life what Portability can do. If you're an admin or leader for a community on Wikia and are interested in having your own contests, we'd love to partner with you and provide whatever assistance we can in making Portability fun and accessible for you; please contact one of our admins via Wall.

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