• I'm trying to see if I can convert some infoboxes into a PI format, but I feel that the ability to retain the infobox's size under a certain height is important in my case and I can't find a great way to do so in PI. My examples are: the page as it would look with PI, and the page that my example page is based on. The source for the PI is here.

    (For the record, I know I can set max-height on the image of the first tab via the css page, I just haven't gotten to it yet and it's not the main issue I wanted to ask help with. For the following, assume that I'm explaining from the standpoint of the PI being on its second image tab.)

    The main feature of this wiki's unit pages are the statblocks, but since it's a wide table, infoboxes tend to push it farther down the page on the Wikia skin, desktop version. Thus, the need to retain a relatively short height for the infoboxes. <tabber> does the job fine, but portable infoboxes have a tendency to get long (really, really long on other wikis, from what I've seen...). Collapsing the second section from the start keeps the PI about the same length as the classic infobox format, but if someone wants to read the profile and clicks it open, the height problem comes back. I feel like it makes it cumbersome for the reader to either click to hide again or scroll down a few extra times to actually get to the stats data. Is there any way for me to adjust some setting somewhere so that when one box is open, all others close?

    The alternative is to move the profile information into the main article - which is legitimate, but the information is little enough it really should be able to fit an infobox - or to just keep the old format.

    (Also, out of curiosity - why *is* Portable Infoboxes so aggressive in removing parameter names like {{{class}}} from the final display? I'd thought that that, at least, would be useful for telling article contributors what important parameters they're missing without having to refer to documentation.)

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    • If you would like to adjust the spacing of your wiki's PIs, take a leaf out of Trollocool's book and deactivate Europa. This will reduce the spacing to a different balance of legibility and compaction that you may like.

      The color scheme will change, so you may be adjusting the theming of the infoboxes.

      As for the syntax, it follows XML convention, denoting what parameters are being used through source XML attributes (except in data format tags). All parameters will thus be preceded by source=. Tom-ae-to, to-mah-to is how I would put the change. Although suddenly saying tom-ae-to would need to have benefits for me to do it :p

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    • I don't think the Europa theme was quite what I was after, but it does also look like another thing I should try editing, so thanks for pointing that out.

      My main question was whether I can find something that controls close/open behaviour for collapsible groups, though.

      (And, to clarify, my last question wasn't asking about the need to use source=, just why it removes argument names. E.g., I hoped putting in something like:

      <data source="class">

      would explicitly show {{{class}}} if there was nothing put into that parameter, but PI doesn't even let me do that.)

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    • I guess you'd need to wrap the {{{class}}} in nowiki tags to explicitly show the parameter when there is no input. By design, the field just disappears when there is none.

      There isn't a way to do what you want though - to tab groups themselves. I would take that feedback to Special:Contact/feedback. Thanks for the clarifications.

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    • Speedit wrote: I guess you'd need to wrap the {{{class}}} in nowiki tags to explicitly show the parameter when there is no input. By design, the field just disappears when there is none.

      The parameters do not show up even if wrapped in nowiki tag (or pre tag), actually.
      As an instance, this:
      <data source="parameter"><default>This <nowiki>{{{parameter}}}</nowiki> should show up</default></data>
      ends up resulting:
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    • I reiterate: PI is aggressive about this.

      But thanks for the feedback.

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