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    So far theme-source and two accent color attributes are the only attributes that can't have default values or values based on other attributes. I think it would be great to have a way to extend current PIs limits.

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    • Or maybe accent border color, but I believe it was already suggested.

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    • The default value of theme-source is theme. The results of theme-source cascade, or overwrite where declared, over those in theme.

      accent-color-default and accent-color-text-default are the default values for those, which in turn cascade over theme-source and theme (and .portable-infobox {}) in turn.

      We're still looking at gently and cautiously extending PI limits, and accent-border and accent-background are being considered in the future. 

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    • Ah, thank you for the answer ^-^

      Good to know that there are so many levels and default values (It doesn't look like the value of theme can be used as a template variable though.)

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    • Setting theme at the article level (in a template variable) is exactly what theme-source is.

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