• Over at Destiny Wiki, we have an optional infobox for use on user pages. When I converted this to a portable infobox however I found that the external images used by users would not display. I managed to make a work around in which the image appears inside the title tag, however it will not work for mobile users (as expected).

    Would it be possible for external image support to be implemented?

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    • I doubt that. External images may use javascript, which might not work on mobile. Beyond that, there's nothing that guarantees that the site containing the image will not delete it, so it is not pratical to add such functionality. 

      That being said, you can ask  staff to enable a "shared image repository" that will allow your wiki access to images stored in one (?) other wikia. You can also ask for access to wikimedia commons.

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    • The images that users use don't use any javascript, and are hosted to public image hosting websites like imgur. Its actually part of the policy over at Destiny Wiki that any non-article images that are to be used on a users page be hosted at an external source. As it stands, external images work fine on mobile, just not with the portable infoboxes. And deletion is not a problem as it will not impact articles.

      Ideally, external image support would be limited to only user pages.

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    • So the wiki is using a whitelist?

      Portable infoboxes were deliberately designed to use local images for various reasons. Your workaround will not work because the <title> tag strips any images and leaves only text. A title is made up of text not an image anyway. You could try using a regular <data> or <navigation> tag for that.

      If that still doesn't work, I'd recommend suggesting your use-case to staff (Special:Contact).

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    • I didn't know that the <data> tag doesn't strip images on mobile. I might just yet be able pull it off. Thanks for pointing it out.

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    • I changed the title slightly to make it easier for future readers. Also, I moved this to the suggestion board because it is a feature request.

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