This page contains some bugs reported for Portable Infoboxes.

  • The <alt> tag for alt text used with the <image> tag doesn't work on mobile.[1]
  • Horizontal Group header does not get accent color[2]

Should be fixed

  • Fail to show images that use "image:" namespace (lowercase "i").[3][w]
  • Tables inside tabbers have link problems.[4][w]
  • When using <poem> tags, wiki style links within the tags are not displayed at all.[w] This has been fixed.[5]
  • <Ref> tag within the infobox doesn't display in references list.[6][w]
  • Infobox number variables are zero-based unlike regular template variables [7][w]. Fixed in the 7-JAN-2016 release.[8][9]
[w] Reported to Special:Contact/bug.


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