3 Presentation Life cycle of a feature at Wikia17:32

3 Presentation Life cycle of a feature at Wikia

Several tools have been designed to aid in the creation and dissemination of information.

Feature development stages

FANDOM generally follows a minimum viable product approach to software development [1], so features can be loosely grouped under 4 main stages:

  • Prototype (MVP) - feature is under active development and is generally only available to staff and/or select communities
  • Limited beta - feature is being tested by few communities
  • General Release - feature is enabled for all users
  • Dormant - feature is either no longer actively developed or has been removed

Feature matrix

Feature Description Type Status
Portable Infoboxes This tool allows quick creation of Infoboxes Informational General release[2]
Flags Provides a notification management system Informational Cancelled[3]
Curated main page Provides tools to create a mobile-friendly page Navigation General release[4]
Hero image Provided a consistent look for main page with a description Design Dormant[5]
Template Classification Provides a way to classify and organize templates. Curation General release[6]


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