-- docs_docname_type_lang = "Text",
-- Example:
-- docs_explanation_header_en = "Making pages portable",
-- docs_explanation_instruction_en = "explanation or instruction",
-- docs_explanation_code_en = "",
-- docs_explanation_codelang_en = "xml", -- could be css or html5, etc
return {
    docs_main_header_en ="Portability help",
    -- First explanation. Always visible
    docs_explanation_header_en = "Making pages portable",
    docs_explanation_instruction_en = "To get a brief introduction to [[Portability]] read the [[Intro to Portability]]. Make sure to also read the [[Portability Checklist]].",
    docs_explanation_code_en = "",
    docs_infobox_header_en = "Infoboxes",
    docs_infobox_instruction_en ="To get a brief introduction to [[Infoboxes]] read [[Infobox/Basics]]. For help on converting infoboxes read [[Help:Infobox migration]]",
    docs_infobox_code_en ="",
    --Basic information about designing mobile main pages
    docs_mainpage_header_en = "Portable main pages",
    docs_mainpage_instruction_en = "Make sure to create a [[Help:Curated_Main_Page|Curated page]] so that the content is visible everywhere.",
    docs_mainpage_code_en = "",
    docs_styling_header_en = "Styling", 
     docs_styling_instruction_en = "To style a portable component add content to your [[Special:CSS|Css]] page. For example, to make an infobox background blue add the following code to it:",
     docs_styling_code_en  =  [[.portable-infobox {
        background-color: blue;
docs_styling_codelang_en ="css",

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