Mentoring requests BattleHand Wiki

What is your username? Are you an admin on the wiki you are asking about? Spacez52, I am an admin on the Battle Hand wiki

Please link to the wiki (or the specific templates or pages you want help with) here:

What would you like help with (e.g. styling, making, or converting an infobox or making a page portable)? I have changed the template to only include certain fields. When I make a draft of the template it includes old fields that are not used anymore. I don't know if removing these from the template will cause problems in the future.

Any other information (e.g. links, screenshots, or snippets):

In order to ensure you can implement and maintain a Mentoring solution, how would you classify your technical skill level (or those of whomever will be maintaining your Templates)? Decently skilled but not very experienced in wiki template changing. 


That's because the previous draft was saved, and it is simply showing it again despite the changes. It seems like a issue or unintended effect. You can staff to report this. Meanwhile you are free to delete whatever sections you don't need. One way to overcome this issue is to create a new template and copy the old content to it, save, and then click the "generate draft" button.Dessamator (talk) 22:42, February 18, 2016 (UTC)

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