Lua is lightweight programming language[1] implemented on FANDOM with a version of the Scribunto extension. Lua code can be written or found in the Module: namespace, and can be used in templates with the {{#invoke:...}} parser function.

Global modules are stored on the Developers Wiki, and can be loaded elsewhere with ease.

Lua templating vs Wikitext templating

Lua has considerable advantages over wikitext because it is a full programming language. This is unlike wikitext that relies on parser functions to give it some programming functions. Lua benefits include:

  • Better performance for templates
  • Separate re-usable modules
  • Reduced complexity (in some cases)

Lua improves portability by allowing modules that wouldn't work otherwise due to limits[2] placed in templates and pages.

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On the FANDOM Developers Wiki

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  1. Wikipedia:Lua
  2. Wikipedia:Template_limits

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