An infobox can be converted from one type to another. The most common conversions are either from a classic infobox to Lua or Portable Infoboxes.

Converting to Lua

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There are mainly two ways to convert a classic or portable infobox to a Lua-based infobox. One can either use the InfoboxBuilder parser function or create modules that will construct the infoboxes based on either tables, HTML tags, or both.

Converting to Portable infoboxes

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The migration tool is an automated feature that helps convert a classic infobox to a Portable Infobox. However, the tool may not always migrate the original template correctly. In particular, infoboxes that make heavy use of JavaScript or parser functions may not always be migrated properly.

The tool also requires the user to accept the draft it creates and allows manual changes to be made before it replaces the original infobox. Lua-based infoboxes cannot currently be converted into Portable infoboxes using this tool.[1]

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