An infobox is a box containing a summary of an article.


Most infoboxes are created with <div> tags, <table> tags or wikitext markup, or some other way (Portable Infoboxes and InfoboxBuilder !) to put something in a box with info about a page topic that usually floats at the upper right of the page.


On this wiki, we classify different types of Infoboxes and apply certain terms that you may become familiar with:

  • Portable Infoboxes - The radically different and trendy newcomer. See tips, frequently asked questions (FAQ), and benefits of using them.
  • InfoboxBuilder (on Dev Wiki) - Made with pure Lua, minimal assembly required.
  • Lua InfoboxesLua is a language for making templates. It has reusable functions similar to a programming language.
  • Classic Infoboxes - Built (often from the FANDOM starter kit) with tables and/or divs, inline styling, and parserfunctions. Moderately easy to automatically convert to Portable Infoboxes.
  • "Legacy" Infoboxes - Built (often from scratch) with tables and/or divs, inline styling, and parserfunctions. Older in origin, and moderately difficult to automatically convert to Portable Infoboxes.
  • "Exotic" Infoboxes - Highly atypical designs made using JavaScript, Lua, or having other not easily classified attributes.
  • "Kitchen Sink" - Used to describe a feature-heavy infobox design that has functions well beyond the typical.
  • "Death Star" - A massive feat of engineering (often 200kb+ of code) with a lot of power. Takes an entire alliance to attack, can still be killed with a single lucky shot.


  Main article: Infobox/Basics

There are several ways to design infoboxes. They can be created using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Lua. Each has its specific pros and cons. For example, some JavaScript cannot be rendered on a mobile device due to the hardware limitations or features. The type of infobox being used will mainly depend on the flexibility the user requires.


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An infobox can be converted from one to another to gain certain benefits, such as portability or parsing ability, but generally non-Lua or non-portable infoboxes will be converted to Lua or Portable Infoboxes.

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