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Username: Hannartt

Are you an admin on the wiki? Yes

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Any other information: Making infoboxes portable. I have recently created and implemented a few infoboxes on my wiki, and have used the portable infobox markup. However, the infobox templates are still listed as non-portable in my wiki's insights.

I thought it might perhaps be because they had a separate documentation page (as when I use the 'Convert!' button, it removes these), but I removed the documentation tag in my inbox video template ( ) and it's still showing up as non-portable.

Is it something specific in the source code that's making this happen, and how can I fix it?

How would you classify your technical skill level? I'm self-taught, but I'm fairly proficient in wikitext and pick new things up quickly. I know some CSS and have worked out how templates work, but often rely on online guides.